If you have a title search with the first name of Elizabeth and your searcher goes down to conduct a public record search at the county recorder’s office they may simply plug in the name “Elizabeth.”  And let’s say the last name is “Smith.”  If she didn’t check name variations like Beth Smith, Liz Smith, Betsy Smith, Betty Smith, Betts Smith, Lizzie Smith, etc.—there are at least 15 different forms of a nickname for Elizabeth— you could get back a title search that has many defects and therefore not really be able to clear the title and sell the home.

That’s one of the reasons to use expert, local title searchers, as opposed to quick online searches done by people not familiar with local county indexing systems.  At Real Title Services, we have relationships with seasoned title searchers in all 3,000 counties in the US, and check out the pic of a recent scorecard we got from a happy client!

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