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We have boots-on-the-ground coverage in over 3000 counties, and we can always locate an expert searcher in any county via our extensive abstractor network. We can also customize products for you. With speed and accuracy, we deliver easy-to-understand title search reports right to your email inbox

Say goodbye to these problems:

Ignored emails

Nothing slips between the
cracks, we ALWAYS respond
to your messages.

Unfriendly service

We treat you the way we
want to be treated: courtesy
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Using centralized title search services saves you time. Why deal with hundreds of searchers?
Let us be your ONE contact point.

Too slow

You needed it done
yesterday. We go all-in to
get it done on time.

Inaccurate results

Our superior Quality Control
processes mean your work
will be error-free.

Not competent

We’ve been doing this since
before the Internet – we
WILL find your documents.

We do Title Searches,
Document Retrievals,
and more!

Real Title Services offers personalized attention with
expanding nationwide coverage for all your title
search and document retrieval needs—whether for 1
job or 100 jobs.

Commercial and Residential, we deliver a full suite
of title searches, document retrievals, and more for
your real estate, loan-settlement, and mortgage-
banking needs.

How do we get searches back to you on time?
We use world-class tracking software—see the
section below about AbstractorPro!

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“…Over the top responsive, timely and accurate work
product. When questions arise they’re responsive
and provide timelines… we could not be more pleased
with their services and communication.”

“The service your
team provides is
and we really
appreciate that.”

Timely Documents, LLC

“You have great
communication and
have done great on all
the orders we have
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Just want to thank you for all of your hard work.”

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We are highly likely to use
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50 States

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How do we get searches back to you so fast?

We have a secret weapon…


We can get your searches back to you on time because we use world-class tracking software.

This revolutionary new platform allows us to easily access, organize, and track all your jobs, anytime, anywhere. It has automation that keeps everything organized and on track.

With all of its killer features, it puts us way ahead of our competitors, and none of your jobs will fall through the cracks.

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