Have you seen the Department of Justice Title Standards? If you haven’t, many of the questions you have can be answered in the 74-page pdf from the Regulations of the Attorney General Governing the Review and Approval of Title for Federal Land Acquisitions (2016). A few specific points that you can learn from the article include:

  • Who is qualified to provide title evidence?
  • How do you pick a suitable title examiner?
  • What is the required time frame for the search?
  • What is an examination?
  • Definition of an abstract of title.
  • Explains what must be contained in the abstract.
  • Guidance for examining attorneys.

Honestly the regulations are a little dry as far as reading goes, but they do set the standard for our industry.  It’s a good document to download and save if you are a title professional.  Click here for your copy of the Attorney General’s Title Regulations.

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