Homebuyers might not be aware of what a clear title is and why it’s crucial to ensuring a smooth transaction. As their real estate agent, it’s your responsibility to provide them with accurate information and guide them throughout the process. A reputable title search company, like Real Title Services, will offer a wide range of title search and document retrieval services, so you can help your clients make informed decisions about property investments.

Property title search is a process that can help you find all the information you need about a property, including its history, the chain of title, boundaries, easements, outstanding liens and judgments, zoning laws, covenants, and more. By conducting a thorough title search, you can determine if there are any issues with the property before your clients choose to close on it. Keep reading to learn more about how real estate agents can benefit from title search services.


Why Real Estate Agents Should Partner with Title Search Companies

There are many reasons why real estate agents should partner with a title company. First and foremost, working with a title company allows real estate agents to improve their credibility with clients.

When you hire a title company for your client’s transaction, they will provide you with a title report at the end of the search. This report will offer insight into the ownership type and boundaries of the property and how you and your client can move forward. If there are any outstanding liens or other legal complications with the property, you can inform your clients beforehand so that they can decide to either drop the deal or use the information to negotiate a better price.

Title companies can also help you fix any errors they find to ensure that there are no outstanding taxes or third-party ownership issues that might interfere with the closing later on. This makes the closing process easier on all parties involved in the transaction by avoiding expensive mistakes like recording incorrect documents or failing to remove liens from their property.

Moreover, most mortgage lenders require a title report to ensure that there are no liens against the property or any other issues which would prevent them from developing the property later on. Title searches can also help ensure everything is correct and up-to-date with the title, so you and your clients can avoid all unexpected problems down the road.

Title searches will also let your clients know if there are any easements or restrictions on the property so they can ensure compliance if they choose to make changes in the future.


Why Choose Real Title Services

The title search process can be long and complicated, and even minor mistakes can prove to be very expensive for both you and your client. This is where an experienced and reputable title search company, like Real Title Services, can help you. We provide a wide range of title search, document retrieval, and mortgage-related services for all types of property, whether residential, commercial, or industrial. When you partner with our expert searchers, you can expect accurate, error-free, easy-to-understand title search reports sent right to your inbox on time, so you and your clients can enjoy a smooth and quick closing process.


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