It took many months and a lot of man-hours to get our woman-owned certification. Not only does this allow us to network with other woman-owned businesses, but it will be of benefit to our clients as they have to implement new government standards for diversity in the financial services industry. Many people sent their congratulations. But one person wrote back and suggested that we were perpetuating the myth that women needed to be propped up in business, and actually suggested that we were harming the country with this certification… I wanted to write back and tell her she was expressing rather bigoted statements, but I held my tongue because lashing out would just continue the bad vibes. My opinion is that groups of people have always banded together for support and help, and as a way of getting greater recognition–ethnic groups, veterans, churches, social clubs, etc.. It’s a very pro-survival activity, and is part of the fabric of any thriving culture. I don’t ascribe any negative aspects to it at all. And we are very proud to be woman-owned. Not because we need to be propped up, but because we are kick-ass! Is that alright with you Mean Lady who tried to ruin my day? Angela