Understanding DOJ Title Standards

Understanding DOJ Title Standards

Have you seen the Department of Justice Title Standards? If you haven’t, many of the questions you have can be answered in the 74-page pdf from the Regulations of the Attorney General Governing the Review and Approval of Title for Federal Land Acquisitions (2016). A...

Why Do I Need A Title Search Before Buying a Property?

Waiting for your house to close can feel like being stuck in a traffic jam. It takes forever, and just when you think you’ve gotten to the front of the pack, there’s another detour, and you’re back where you started. One of the elements that can make or break the...

Proud to Get Woman-Owned Certification for RTS!

  It took many months and a lot of man-hours to get our woman-owned certification. Not only does this allow us to network with other woman-owned businesses, but it will be of benefit to our clients as they have to implement new government standards for diversity...

Requests for ETAs?

  Patty's Corner What do you do when a vendor goes out of communication when a job is late?  Threats, tears, yelling, recriminations, begging?  We've done it all!  What works best for you? Patty